Cherie McGuire

Cherie McGuire

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I believe flipping the classroom is more effective if you need to practice and examples.  The show how can be done in class, the lecture leading up to can be completed prior to course and then reviewed again after examples or class day.

I am really good at walking around the classroom and making eye contact. However, sometimes it gets us off key when students ask individual answers because I am next to them.

The compare and contrast of the different typed of test.  Pro/con and when to use!

Using assessment to measure knowledge is more then putting questions together.  IMPORTANT to keep students engaged!

Reaching all learners based off of learning styles makes more work for teachers, but well worth it in my opinion!

I use all the positivity traits outside of the classroom too!

Using the VIA survey in class, and 6 virtues to build healthier class.

Feelings go a long way and affect in class/out class behaviors and can be fed off each other.

To utilize and familiarize myself to PERMA

I don't have the capabilities to create at this time. No VR system.

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