Nicholas Good

Nicholas Good

Location: wilson talent center, mason mi


hunting, fishing, wood working, being and working outdoors, welding


welding certs. (9 mig & tig) ceiling crane certified, fork lift certified


Proper preparation is one Key to an instructors success, in teaching and in students staying engaged and actively learning.  Keeping a note pad or notes on yourself as well as students needs or struggles will help stay on task and get what's needed for yourself or your students.  Plan, Plan, Plan!!!

Lead by example, Professional, polite, and respectful,  All key elements in all my favorite instructors and managers.  Emulating these key points have always been high on my priorities as a Supervisor and trainer in the Welding/Steel industry and now as I being my teaching Career.  Its nice to see I didn't was my time or effort doing this.  MODEL, MANAGER, MOTIVATOR!!!!  Its true facts!! 

Im excited to see what kinds of tech are out there for my welding program.  Having new welders with the tech resources to investigate all aspects of a weld, weld process, procedure as well as safety in the lab.  I'm a fan of PBL as well as WBL as welding is a science, it is often only truly grasp when the sparks start flying.

Having a welding simulator would be a great intro for new welders to "see how" without the needed gear for safety and weld integrity.  It could be a cost savings overall as no material waste/usage with… >>>

Lessons, planing, lesson plans, lessons, and planning!!!

This mod really enforces, you guessed it, lessons and lesson planning  I do like the Georgia 3 stop model: I do, We do, You do as a great way to connect with visual and hands on learners.  I feel as this mod gave me direction for something I had planned for but wasn't sure how to achieve.


I have a better understanding of Assessments and when to use and how to use either summative or formative with students for them to get the most out of my program.  Using IRC to help students map their goals and what they will need to obtain and further their education as well as giving them an advantage right out of school will be huge confidence booster 

Blooms Triangle and its applications for furthering and helping students understand as well as helping me understand different ways to help students and the various ways students learn as well as the process  

Im new to Teaching, steel industry for 25+ years, which doesn't touch these topics.  It's a learning triangle for me too!

Procedure, procedure, procedure  Safety, Liability, Classroom management, etc.. there are procedures for procedures, its a lot!  But all of these resources and programs have given an understanding of why.  There is so much that I don't know and I don't know to ask, Im new, but with all of the information, tools, resources, programs available, I feel more confident than I did before I started this program.

As a "new" CTE teacher, I started 2 weeks before school recessed for the summer break.  I am looking forward to August and getting to know my students, the hand full of second year and larger handful of new.  There was a wealth of information and ideas to get to know your students, the different approaches, resources, and techniques.  As I was saying about being new, I plan to read further on PBIS's website and all of its tools and resources to preload my tool belt and give me familiarity to quickly find information as I in counter new challenges… >>>

I have had the fortune of being given a mentor, I now know more of what that means to me and my success as a new CTE teacher. 

Also I was unaware of the community within CTE programs/classes.  The CTE professional team wants all its players to succeed and is there to help you 

Personal vs Professional, the importance of separating, setting boundaries and not crossing them.  It is a whole new world coming from 24 years in the steel industry, lots of new terminology and understanding it.  I do feel less dumb after this section, as I had no clue as to some of the terms, extensive notes were taken.

thank you


New Welding instructor 

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