Hiring the Right Instructor

What kind of skills and qualities define the basis for which you hire your... >>>

Word of Mouth is the Best Marketing Tool

For our school, word of mouth has been the best marketing tool. We have tried movie theaters to reach the younger crowd, magazines, fliers, and none of them have worked for us like word of mouth. We... >>>

Experential Learning

I'd like to know what would be some interesting ways to give our students, from the casino industry, some experential learning. I'd like to offer, on a monthly basis, something for them to come... >>>

5-Year Plan Drivers

What drives the 5-Year Plan? Do we start with the project sustainable student count for each program, or with the desired gross profit and work backwards? How does placement factor into the equation?... >>>

Cash flow forcast

When implementing projects I find it difficult to allocate funds when cash flow is slow or irregular. Extended payment plans are great for students but they greatly affect the ability of the school... >>>

CPI and education

It's interesting to note that the cost of education has increased 72% from 2000 to 2008. These figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can be found by searching their website:... >>>

Learning Resource System - Print v. Online. How do you balance it?

We have found that the best way to keep the Learning Resource System up-to-date and current is to subscribe to the industry newsletters. The higher frequency and prevalence of industry periodicals... >>>

Advisory Board for an ESL School

What is the best make up of an Advisory Board for an ESL... >>>

Can a Realistic Budget Affect Growth?

How does a realistic budget provide a platform for a school’s growth projections and revenue targets? What are the components of an effective... >>>

Who Does What? The Employee Job Description

What do you believe are the essential components of an employee job description that ensure roles and responsibilities are realized, expectations are met and the organizational chart is... >>>

Operating With Limited Resources

What are some creative ways a department such as student services (or other departments) can operate with limited financial and human... >>>

The Strategic Plan

Has your institution ever developed a comprehensive plan that required more resources than the budget, personnel, or the facility could handle? What was the outcome (please do not discuss any... >>>

Advisory's Advice

What is a good way to show the advisory board that their suggestions were taken and implemented? I feel they would be more likely to stay committed knowing their suggestions and advice were being... >>>

Keeping Prospects

I have found if you take to long to go through the hiring process when you finally make the selection they have already found it necessary to take another job. This can be within a week!! How do you... >>>


Is group orientation more effective than individual orientation... >>>

Openhouse with goody bags

A keychane, a pencil or many other artifacts with the school information will help to get the name of the school out... >>>

Weekend classes

With this busy life that we have these days weekend classes are the best way to use the same space and same personel and still have more... >>>

Work together

When the relashionship is good , you can put your brains together and find the best for your school never forget asking and never understimate... >>>

Getting Started

I recently was hired as the Director of Education and was asked to complete this module to help with the 5 year plan for our school. I am looking for some insight on where to begin, i.e. even before... >>>