Often in the online environment, there is a wide variety of computer navigating experience levels because there are 'adult learners' that are not from the current 'tech savvy' sociiety.

What type of support do you provide to bridge the gap for these 'new computer' students to ease their navigation difficulties?

I'm not an E-Learning professional YET but I have found that a lot of newer or more up to date learning management systems have gone to great lengths to make sure their course delivery system is VERY well designed and usable not just for tech savvy people but for people who are aversive to using computers as well. Canvas, Blackboard, and Litmos are all ones I checked out for part of a project I'm doing for my work but they have usability and design WAY beyond what MaxKnowledge demonstrates. Even cheaper options not intended for E-commerce or Higher Ed like Moodle, Coursera, and other MOOCs offer tools to take the design and usability issue out of the way of the course creater and learner.


Hope this helps, this is a great questions.