Guest Lecturer

Benjamin Smith November 16, 2017

I have never used or seen a guest lecturer used. What are some strategies for incentivizing a guest to come lecture or answer questions on a topic. I think we could benefit from using guest lectures to illustrate different expressions the technical skillset we teach, but what does it look like when you use this learning tool? I would have a hard time not feeling like I was having them do my job, how do you view it?

Linda Erb November 25, 2017

If the guest lecturer is an expert in the field, the opportunity to participate in a lecture could be seen as a compliment, and the opportunity  to promote their unique knowledge with a new generation of learners.  We are in the final stages of developing our on-line learning courses (continuing education for those in our field - marine mammal training) and have a guest lecturer who is a scientist in the field.  We plan to either video a lecture of hers or possibly have a live chat discussion as well.  However, this is a relatively small field and we have close connections with the guest lecturers we are inviting.  In a sense, you are right - during the guest lecture / chat, they ARE the instructor, and the students get the benefit of a different perspective, of one working in a specific related field.