Jose Diaz Rettali

Jose Diaz Rettali

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If in the first attempt you failed, you should give it a try again, just slow down and start over, at the end you will get a result and you will have learned something.

It is required discipline, keep focused, studying and think about the future to be recognized as a good leader.

This module teaches you to be a leader with comprehensive conditions, that is, one who is well perceived by others, knows how to motivate employees, transmits confidence and leads to obtaining good results for the organization.

I have affirmed the importance of establishing and maintaining a Resource Book containing critical and current information. In addition, reviewed on the policies of transfer of credits, accreditation and licensing

The catalog and the enrollment agreement are the most important documents in the admission process, they must be reviewed frequently and in addition to collating the information in both. Any update made to one of them affects the other.

It is important that all university personnel who will have contact with potential students must have adequate training since they are sensitive issues and must be handled properly to give correct answers.

Every organization must follow the rules to guarantee a quality service. Compliance is the basis for good performance

It is important to know the admissions rules in order to serve applicants correctly. In addition, it is mandatory that the admissions staff receive constant training.

To be trained is the best way to provide better service to the student. 

If we are in the field of education, you have to believe in the kind of preparation you receive from an accredited institution.


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