Implementing Online courses

I am using a pilot online approach with our sudents.  Thlis gives them the opportunity to take distance online courses and still maintain a family life and continued to be employed full time.  The approach is hybrid online.  They have a week to submit their work and they are required to come to campus one day a week.  During this one day they will have the structure, support, and guidance that will help them navigate, upload or download information.  The students get face to face this one day a week.  This helps solidify and encourage their learning experience or at least review what they did not understand on their own.  There are forum discussions, homework submissions and weekly quizzes.  Its been a journey and very interesting so far.

I think that is a great idea.  How is it working?

Yes, in my school we use hybrid method for multiple residential courses: students come in once a week for in-class and in-person interaction with the instructor, while they do the rest of the work at-home online, such as quizzes, assignments, etc. It works out great, as the students have busy lives with work and families, while balancing with school life.