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Science | New discussion by Beth Smith

I am interested in how to incorporate portfolios into science learning.  This is the one area I would like to focus on as I progress through blended applications. Any suggestions?

Learning by Teaching | New discussion by Beth Smith

I have found that I have learned more about the topics I teach as an instructor than as a student.  I utilize this in my classroom.  The students work in small groups practicing the concepts...

Time Management | New discussion by Beth Smith

As  an instructor of blended courses, I find the time management for blended courses to be overwhelming.  After a ten to twelve hour day teaching and 2 plus hours driving, I am not motivated...

Be sure students understand your time schedule | New blog by Beth Smith

I have run into students who think it is ok to submit all their assignments at the end of the course near Final grade submission date.  This is unrealistic as Intsructors do not have unlimited ti...

Flipping the Class | New blog by Beth Smith

I have found that the students like the Inquiry based assignments.  They engage with each other which helps with teamwork.  It also seems the slower learning students respond well to the stu...

ED124 | New comment by Beth Smith

I have been trying bits and pieces of it, like Inquiry assignments and labs.  Need to work on the pre-class lectures.