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I wish I'd had something like this 20+ years ago. Much of it was learned the hard way, which makes the course all the more valuable. It's a great summation.

Non compliance leads to an atmosphere of mistrust. It is very difficult o regain studnet trust. It i smuch easier to establish a culture of compliance.

It is always better to be conservative with any remarks that might be substantial misrepresentation. My practice has been to refer students to the dean or director of admissions.

Superlatives are hard to resist when you have a long tenure with a school in which you believe. I've had to bit emy tongue many times, even though I often feel that I can prove my superlatives. Nevertheless, it is easy to be over enthused.

I recall early in my career a dean quizzing me on my mention of a salary range for graduates of one of our training programs. I was being chastised. I took thee dean to one of our labs and there on the bulleting board was the article from the local paper that I'd been quoting. It was removed and I was informed about representations and disclosures. It was not in my job description:-).

After more than 20 years in career education, I have become quite familiar with the Regulatory Triad. One school I worked with was placed on probabtion due to actions from pervious managers. With a new team, new goals, and strong commitments form staff and students, the school survived and is now thriving. What I liked in this presentation was the succinct way the Triad was presented. When i started, it was a steep learning curve. I wish I'd had something like this then.

A culture of compliance is the best example we can provide our students for their long term growth as professionals.

A culture of compliance sets a powerful example for students to carry with them throughout their lives. It's part of the non-subject material that we are always communicating to our students with our own actions and statements. If we bend the rules, they might feel that is acceptable behavior. If we lower our standards, then students might lower their personal expectations. A culture of compliance is felt more than seen, it is understood at an intuitive level, which is perhps the strongest learning.

Apparently, being out of the job market for 20 years has blinded me to the changes that are taking place in the hiring practice. A cover letter and resume once were the gold standard; and woe betide if your resume was longer than a page unless you had many publications on a CV. Now a career portfolio seems to be gaining traction, which was something artists and photographers were familiar with in a way, but now is for everyone. Very interesting.

Generally, I've been a naysayer with respect to students using technology while in class. But those days are coming to an end. Once adopted, it will be hard to stop and there will be many apps developed to change the nature of the class in the coming years. I wish it had happened sooner in many ways.

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