Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

I learned how vital it is that you stay up to date and up to speed with your own University's specific policies and procedures that realte to the admissions process. 

As an office assistant of the school, I have learned that the admission policies are imperative to be followed and applied for the institution to go smoothly according to the state and CIE' rules and regulations. 

I am currently working in my institution as an Administrative Director. Applying and reinforcing my institution policies are my first priority to get things done. 

I have learned of my responsiblities as an admission agent, and how i would be representing my institute.


I have learned that I need to deepen my understanding of my institution's policies and not just operate based on a general understanding of them.


I have learned how vital the knowlegde in details and rules and regulations are. Making sure i give correct information when enrolling students and making sure all documents are updated. 

I have learned that it very resourceful and beneficial to create a resource notebook. In the future, it will make it very helpful to be able to go back and edit or recap certain regulations and rules.


I learned as admissions rep, there are so many different polices and procedures. It's best to always stay current to be able to provide the best information

As Campus Director I found module very insightful and informative. I feel I have better understanding of the Admissions process and policies.


This is the first time that I had the position in admissions. For me it is a great opportunity, and a big responsability. However, with this module I am sure that I can get a lot of new knowledge. It is very interesting to know the policies, regulations, and procedures, and how can you apply them to the position. 

I have learned the importance of using the correct terms in the admissions process.

I find that a resource notebook works the best for me. I have been able to track inquires to enrollment very well this way. 


I have learned that an Admissions Representative needs to have knowledge about all areas when considering working with prospective students.


I have learned that there are many changes that can occur at a career school or college. For example, a new program may be added, programs can be eliminated, and some programs or credits might be changed. It is important to stay current and remember that these changes can occur after the school submits an application and has been duly approved. It is not possible to enroll students in new programs until there is full approval. There may also be a change of ownership, control or school name.


I have learn the importance of the notebook, the difference between Agents and Counselors. And I am looking foward to continue learning.

I have learnt that the Florida commission for independent education rules and regualtions are vital as an admissions staff because it helps you give the right information about your insitiution to prospective students.


Important rules, role as an admission rep.

Primarily, I have learned with this module the importance of the admissions department in a postsecundary educational institution. Learning the variety of aspects that create this deparment and the procedures and regulations it witholds allows one to appreciate all the dimensions of their work. 


I have learned that admissions needs to know compliance such as the agencies a school works with and the use of correct terminology.


I have learned why it is important to stay up to date with the admissions policies so i can properly help prospective students that arrive at my campus.