Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

I have updated my knowledge on the different definations that an enrollment specialist must know on a consistant basis.  I also acknowledge that I need to continue to learn about any updates that the CIE imposes.

Keeping up to date on the various definations associated with an enrollment specialist. 

I have learned that it is necessary to stay in compliance, keeping up to date information available as possible is vital and understanding regulations for the institution. Admissions role encompasses marketing, selling and consulting which are necessary skills inorder to have successful enrollment and follow-thru retention. 


I have learned that it is vital in the admissions process to use the correct terminology. As well as keeping up to date on policies and procedures.


I learned how important it is to be organized and know my information when performing my position.

I have learned about rules and their updates.

I am delighted to apply all the admissions requirements learnde in this course.  As the Adminitrative Director, thi course is very helpful to me.

Hey there! I have learned so far that this Resource Notebook needs to stay organized and updated.

I learn so much on admission dircetor to make sure all documents in the institution is  updated. If admission director is not present have someone in place to answer any question for staff and students. 

This module has been very thorough in providing specific information.  I've been in admissions for a long time and this training refreshes the importance of our responsibilities when helping prospective students with their decision. 


I've been doing admissions for 16 years and it's always good to get a refresher. 


I learned about the importance of understanding the rules and applying them. Organization is something I see is going to be big in this position and I will keep on my documents and files!

I have learned that being admission advisor is an integral part of the school administration. I am most likely, the first person  prospective students will meet. Therefore, I must be up to date and thourough with any information I give to a student.

I work as a marketing representative with the institution I represent and I've learned about the processes and documents we need to be tracking.


As someone entering into the admissions process it was very helpful to have the full list of terminologies, I definitely needed to just view them all and confirm the definitions, which was easy to do.

It is very important to adhere to Florida's State Educational Rules. We are the face of the institutions we represent to the general public.

As an an employee working in Admissions it is imperative for us to understand the rules regulations and guidelines that governor our industry. Aditionally on going training is necessary to keep informed and to ensure that we are staying compliant.

I have learned to be trained before I can start working as an administrator and to keep all resources in a notebook so they can be updated with dividers. I will be able to use them to ask questions any policy and rule regualtions.

It is important to understand the Florida Statutes and CIE requirements.

As a training director, I learned so much about admission to make sure all documents are updated.