Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

Looking forward to the knowlede that I will acquire from the admissions agent certification



It is really important to start the admissions role learning everything from the basis. is not only a possition about enrolling and enrolling but to change lives. if we learn the principles and the rules of the game from the begining, definitelly we are going to be succesful.

I learned about the various admissions terms as well as the statutes governing Florida, the purpose, commission for independent education. 

Greetings, this is my first time as an admission officer and the course has enlightened me on the rules, tactics, and vocabulary. I will definitely follow the advice and be more present of the institution's decision to be up to date. Eager to keep learning and to finished the course. 

Taking admissions responsiblity,maintain our knowledge and training .

 I've learned about the importance of providing our prospective students with clear and accurate information, not just to be compliant with Florida Statutes and Rules but also to follow the fair consumer practices and rules in all aspects of the admission process.

I plan to use the knowledge that I attained to strengthen my skill and become more effective in admissions.

ive been from educator to campus president, one thing ive learned is that there is never enough information, it is crucial to keep up to date with modules and training to continue education. Our goal is to better inform our students and help them change their lifes. these training modules offer new information as well as a refreshing past ones. exited to see whats next on the course 

great information

I can delve into the importance of admissions staff, and internalize concepts, through definitions.

I have learned the importance of learning the Admissions Rules and Regulations in order to perform my Admissions role with clarity and accuracy, enrolling qualified students that will benefit from my institution’s programs. I have learned key definitions, how to create a resource book with the key documents that will support my role - statues and rules, information about my institution via the Catalog, marketing plans and other institution policies and procedures.




This is my first time in admission. I think that keeping the notebook and the definitions will be helpful to start. Reading carefully the policies and rule, and keeping up with any change. 

Looking forward for learning more about it! 


This is important information to review no matter how long you have been doing admissions!

It is valuable to review this information every year to be reminded of the importance of our work.  Each time I take this class I discover something new!


It is important to learn the rules regarding admissions for they are the guidelines to follow when recruiting prospective studens.

Hello, this is my first time in an Admissions role. I look forward to learning what is expected of someone in my position, all the specific terminology needed/used during the Admissions process, as well as all of the rules and regulations. 

I learned the education as an admissions representative is ongoing and policies may update throughout the year. Maintaining knowledge of policies is important.

This is my first time working as an admissions representative. I have found this training really helpful so far as it touches base on how the information we should be knowledgable on in order to better assist our students as well as how to be equipt in office using your schools college catalog as well as maintaining an organized space with all of the tools that you will be using on the job. 

Understanding the Florida Statutes and CIE requirements is vital to the compliance efforts of an institution and agent training is required.

The importance of understanding clear definitions as they relate to admissions.