Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

I have learned the breadth of information an admissionsrepresentative has to know and how to keep a notebook to facilitate reference.

Doug Morris

Being part of the enrollment team, but leaning heavily in the FA world, I'm excited to learn the policy and procedures.

Staying up to date with the Admissions policies and procedures is imperative in the Admissions role

Being aware of changes and revisions to policies is the best way to ahead of the game in an admissions role. 

I have taken this course before, and understand how important it is to stay up to date with the latest policies and procedures when it comes to being in Admissions. It is vital to stay compliant in accordance with CIE. 

Hello, I am admissions representative and I consider this training is important because it shows you all the information that an admissions representative must understand and comply to act according to all the regulations required, and this training offers many tools to improve the performance of the Admissions Representative making the process easier and more organized, for example the use of a notebook with all the information needed by these representatives, like organizational charts, catalogs, marketing material, etc....


It is important to understand the Institution and all the marketing strategies to work dynamically with that depratment and be more efficient in the recruitment process. In the other hand it is important to know every step that the University takes, and all the University´s factors that could affect the concenrs of the prospectives students, to make sure that the program and the University is the perfect match with the prospective stundent expectations and goals


I have learned the benefits of staying current and applying these standards in my daily activites. This course was extremely helpful. 


Love this educational studies. 

The active role as an Admission Rep is vital to school and students. 


AI am part of team establishing a new institution. I need to ensure that our plans and intended procedures align and comply with the statutes and rules as outlined. This includes making sure that everyone on the team who will be involved in ANY part of the student recruitment and enrollment process is properly trained, that their knowledge is kept up to date, and we have systems in place to detect and address breaches or deficiencies.



These modules are very informative as to the proper terminology to use. As a key part of the admissions department of my institution, I have learned is vital to properly represent our institution to potential students to identify the students who would most benefit from our program. 


Hello, Ive been working in Admissions for over 20 years. I look forward learning the Florida regualtions in more detail. I want to be the best admissions representative. I want to be able to give accurate information to my prospective students. 


I am an Admissions Advisor and I've learned that it's imperative to be up to date with advertising and any changes that occur within the organization in order to properly guide prospective students.


It is crucial to follow guidelines, policies and procedures in order to have an effective and successful admissions program.


I've learned how vital the knowlegde in details, rules and regulations are. I understand that it is import to provide correct information when enrolling students and making sure all documents are updated. 

It is important to stay up to date on all Rules and Regulation changes. Keeping a notebook to put imortant information, terms, forms, rules, regulations, institution info and marketing materials.


Learning, terminology, rules, protocols. My first time here.


I have learned so far that there are a lot of rules and regulations that schools must follow regarding Admissions. 

I have been in college admissions for over twelve years. Compliance training is something that should always be in the front of our minds. We should always make sure that we are helping our students. For the first chapter what I took from it, was a refresher on my terminology. 

As an admissions rep in training I have been briefed on the importance of obtaining and locating the resources on hand such as the organization chart as we work hand in hand to provide prospective students accurate information and guidance.