Admissions Staff Training Program | Origin: CM201

Hello, I have learned that we must always be up to date with the Admissions policies and procedures. 

I learn the importance of a well structured admission policy and learn the changes will be passed to the employees. Also earn about the role of CIE. 

That learning will help with my admission job. 

It is important to do continuing education annually to stay up to date on regulations and policies within the postsecondary education field within our respective states.


what terms you can and cant use. we must have the upmost integirty and be truthful and not make empty promises to potential students. To stay updated on all regulations and maintaining a notebook as an effective resource




How important it is to know and or have access to the rules that are required by the state, your instituio, and accrediting bodies to be able to assist students in every aspect of the program and school for their success now and in the future.


I have learned the importance of being informed and to have at hand the rules provided by the state and accrediting bodies, as well as all of the information for the program/programs and school to help the student make an informed decision to attend your school, and help them be sucessful now and for their future.  I am excited to learn more, so I can have all the resources that I need to do my best in assisiting our students.

 This modules are very informative. 

Learning procdures and policies is not all only important for me but also for helping out students as well

Hello! I'm the Academic Director at a very small vocational school. I learned that a notebook of the rules and the terms is a good idea to keep along with placement, marketing and institutional information and an updated Org Chart. 

From this module, I have learned about the various terminology and why it is important to be very familiar with the definitions.


I have learn about Scholarship, Regulations, Rules, Statues and how organized an Admission Rep need to be to provide the best information to the future prospect student.

I am currently takeing the FAPSC online course. So far I have been shown how to compile information and create a Resource Notebook. By creating this useful "go to" I will have the tools needed to quickly and efficiently reference information. This asset will allow me to be the expert and pass on the best information to future students.

I am currently starting my first role within the Admissions field. I am learning that there are more rules and statutes that I was initially aware of. It shows that the process really protects the students from being taken advantage of and keep schools on a standardized path. 


I am a Admissions Rep and have fund this sections terms to be very helpful


While taking this training for my position as Registrar, I am posting from a parent's perspective.  My daughter applied to a FL state university as a transfer student.  She was on an IEP for K-12 and had an accommodation plan at her community college.  She just graduated with an associates degree and made the Dean's list.  While she took some courses that would transfer as pre-requisites, this university requires that all 7 prerequisite courses be a 3.5 gpa or higher.  My daughter received a 3.0 - 3.4 for these - and I thought that was great (but they didn't).  I asked if there was any consideration given that my daughter is a client of FL Vocational Rehab with a documented learning disability and has a copy of her college accommodation plan from another state.  There is no option for this state university so she is pursuing private colleges.


I thought Title II would apply.  Any thoughts?


I am an Amissions Representative and I have learn from this course that it is important to learn the statues and rules as well as the terminology. I am also aware about being informed of the marketing and keeping up with it on a montly bases so I can be inform on how my instituion is reaching ou to our future students. 

I am serving as an admissions director and have learned that this course is key to keeping with statutes, rules, and regulations.

Having been in private higher education for over 20 years, this is a bit of  a refresher on terminology. But it is important as I am new to Florida. This course suggests a resource binder for Admissions Reps, which is a good idea. There is a lot of detail. Having a source for answering quetions and reinforcing compliance is extremely valuable. 


As a representative of my school, I have learned that the admissions policy is vitally important and I intend to keep abreast of the rules and regulations to periodically update my staff.