FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141

Learned something new today and during an audit that when records are selected for review that it should be noted by whom and the purpose.  I remember working for a past school and preparing for an audit a list of student names and records were requested but I don't recall the school noting that in a students file unless it was handled by the Registrar.  Good information here!

As an online adjunct, I don't see occasion where I would personally apply the FERPA regulations but I do see the importance of such regulations for the student.

Institutions policies and procedures need to be cleared when dealing with students records, another important fact that I learned when an auditing agency check students file, there needs to be a note of that.

Terrific information especially as we are heading into Middle States!

When in need for personally identifiable information we must first estable a ligitimate need for such information in accordance to FERPA guidelines

I am glad to hear that FARPA, including the protection of electronic documents.

It is essential to get student permission before sharing any of their personal information. 

I have learned that Directory Information is generally allowed to be released without student consent, but that students need to know what information is considered to be D.I.  I also learned that instructors should not just share grades of students they have in common (though I guess I knew that).


This is exceptionally pertinent information.


It is uber important to understand how careful we have to be with sharing informataiton of our students.  It is always best to play it safe and not release anything without the express written conscent of the person, even if it is considered directory information 

In this course I learned how the student infrmation can be relased carefullly.

I've learned about what is acceptable to share about students' personal info and what is not acceptable to share. I also learned that in some cases, information about a student may be ethically and legally requested if an employee has a legitimate academic interest.

I learned the difference between what information about students can be shared and what cannot. I also learned that in some circumstance employees are allowed to request info if they have a legitimate academic interest in that info.


Very confusing. 


It is to protect the student and their records. Should be reviewed annually. 

FERPA has a big impact on how we handle records.

Student information is available to others for specific reasons without the consent of the student. Vital information (race, SSN, etc) is not and needs a consent from the Student (or parent) to release this information. 


This course has helped me learn more about FERPA guidelines, who you can release student records to and under what conditions.  I remember grades being posted on walls back in the day.  I can see how this would definitly be a violation of FERPA today.


I learned that protecting student's personal information is extremely important.  if certain aspects of a student's educational record are to be released, the school needs to either have the student's written consent or the request for information must meet one of the exceptions as outlined under FERPA laws.  

Release of information must be documented in the student's file to include Who the information was released to, exactly WHAT was released (a photocopy of the document should suffice), the date WHEN the information was release, WHERE it was release, and WHY it was released.


I have leared the importance of understanding in complete detail the policies and procedures with request to the release of student data. 

I learned that institutions must have written permission from the student in order to release information in the student's educational record. Institutions are also required to notify students about their rights under FERPA.