FERPA Compliance | Origin: CM141

I am gaining a better understanding of FERPA and what to share with faculty

I think one of my biggest takeaways is that instructors do not need to be privy to the grades of all the students in a program.  This is a privacy issue.

I have learned that I must understand the policies and procedures of FERPA and the importance of knowing when a record can be released and under what circumstances it can be released. In most cases taking the utmost caution and notifying the student about the disclosure is recommended. 


I learned the different practical applications of FERPA with the great examples given in the module. 

 Annual Disclosures are given via registration or other means. It is okay to give students names in directory for graduation or dean's list. It is not okay to give out students' race, gender, grades or religion without the students written permission.Students should be made aware of the FERPA and their rights.

Now I know why I had to be so specific when granting permission to send my official transcripts to an employer!  I always wondered why they needed to know to whom I was sending it and for what purpose.  


FERPA is a necesssary issue that all teachers need to have an understanding about. 


I did not consider that if a student opts out of directory information, that this could carry into many different areas such as a graduation program, discussion board, etc. This module pointed out that fine detail that I believe I would have completely overlooked without being educated on it. 


Follow institution's policy on releasingobtaining student information. When in doubt, check with the compliance officer.


 I learned that requests received from former students MAY be honored, but this is not mandated by FERPA provisions.