Raymond  Donnelly

Raymond Donnelly

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Compliance: Knowing is the only battle. We have to stay abreast and updated on all compliance standards and practice. A must. 

I learned the importance of 'feedback and follow up' for the purposes of networking, increasing efficiency, reach and effectiveness. 

The value in and importance of campuswide messaging and communication(s).

Collectively, I have learned that planning career events should be strategically well thought out and planned. All aspects of the students/employers experience and exposure should be considered and prepared for. 

I read a previous post "...it takes a village" (Evelyn Zelada) that best described my takeaway from this section. Career events should be all (campus wide) inclusive.

By definition ("...to leap back") resilience is an obvious characteristic asset for a career support professional. This module was really good for me because I'd never looked at resilience from a prospective of "how to build" it (resilience), which was very interesting to me.   

Very good module information and area of GREAT importance. It is most critical that career coaches both have a social presence and utilize it daily and effectively. Strategically considering readers perspective, tones. I enjoyed this module-great career services professional development tool(s).  

I thought the Cartssion questioning strategy was interesting and insightful. Establishing and articulating realistic expectations "... a coach never decides for a student". 

I learned that career coaching is an intricate and deliberately structured process that is tailored to each individual student; beginning with establishing and building emotional and psychological bonds and bridges.  

Compliance and regulatory standards and practices are a definite MUST. 

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