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Your First Year as a CTE Teacher (Part 1) --> Becoming a Professional Educator

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Separation of presonal and personal life jumped out at me. This is extremely important in the digital age. The video really brought the point home. This is alot of information for a new teacher to process.



This module just reinforced the fact that you need to becareful about social media being out there and everyone having access to it.


This module reinforced everything that I have been taught over the years of my teaching.  I am there in the classroom to be an educator not a friend.  I am there to teach them my trade.

Seperating personal from professional is very important when your a teacher. Too much conversation and fun with students can give them the wrong idea depending on the conversations.  Teaching them not being a friend like a peer.


I've always believed that this is a 24/7 vocation - in addition to social media, I'm aware of who is around me at a restaurant or running into a student in public.  I've had teacher firends tell me that they are intitled to their personal life...while this may be the case, care must be taken in creating boundaries.  

It is true that CTE teachers often work closely with students on projects, during trips and after school hours. Informal relationships can develop very easily. Students become very comfortable with their teacher due to the working environment and length of time. It is important for teachers to maintain boundaries with students when the students view the relationship as more relaxed and informal due to the familiarity of the course.

The module provides a good refresher on topics.

As Educator's we must set the tone in the classroom and abide by the rules and regulations set by our district at all times

Avoid social media whenever possible. Keep the class on a professional level.

As a lifelong educator, I am familiar with the educational acronymns, but understanding that CTAE teachers have different backgrounds is interesting. We can work well together to learn together.

The module strengthened my understanding of the acronyms used in CTE. It also reinforced that we must maintain a professional manner with our students. 

I took to heart the quote about the teacher setting the mood for their class.  If we come in to our classrooms with negative attitudes or mindsets, our students will too. I don't remember the numbers or the researcher, but one of the biggest influences in students achievement is the teacher's attitudes and excitement for their subject. If we portray excitement about our subjects, our students will as well.

With as digital as society has become drawing that line between professional and personal has to be made. Students must know you are here to be their teacher not their friend and we must hold ourselves to a high standard in the classroom and in the community. 

Keeping relationships with students professional is always best practice.  

It is important to draw the line and make it clear to the students that the relationships with be professional only. Having grey lines is never good practice and boundries should be very clear. 


Our job is to be good role models for our students... develop relationships, and always be professional. 

A really good reminder to keep work life and personal life separate, to always be professional, and to create an appropriate wall. A student will never forget a good role model. Unfortunately, a student will also never foreget a bad one. 


It really made me think about how I present myself - even when sending something as simple as an e-mail.  It also inspired me to want to be the best role model for my students.  I want to be a strong example of how to be a true professional in my career field.

Professional and Remembering the importance of leader ship in the classroom-the matter what the age of the student. That is what I got this along with doing some screen grabs pretty well set statements about the impact of our presents in the closet