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Job Analysis | Origin: OP115

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Hiring the Right Faculty for Your Institution --> Job Analysis

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I think that using incumbent interviews and observations to develop a job analysis is a great idea.  Why wouldn't you want to find an faculty member who has the same qualities as your best instructors.

Job analysis is integral in developing a job description that align to the need of the business unit/department. It is important to use observations and interviews in crafting the role description within the department.

Job analysis is very important in finding the correct talents for your instituation. Have a clear description of expectations is essential for all departments within the organization. Looking forward to applying such points. 

It is critical to consider the knowledge, skills, attributes and other qualifications of prospective applicants. It is also best practice to have the same set of questions for applicants. Therefore, you are comparing applicants on the same scale. I also like to observe applicants teaching a lesson to get an idea about their teaching skills and abilities.

I never thought of using an incumbent along with an observation to gain a sense of what makes a good instructors.  If you have owrked in education for a period of time, you may have experienced a "good" hire and a "bad" hire.  The KSAO's are a great way to incorporate during the interviewing process.


Observing an incumbent is a great tip. I can certainly identify the characteristics of a good instructor. Translating these into KSAOs would be beneficial when developing a job description.

I've learned about using incumbent interviews as another layer of a job analysis and the importance of the entire hiring team understanding the deal breakers for the job. 

I found that hiring our first instructor was the hardest because I did not have the ability to do incumbent interviews and observations. However moving forward I see it being incredibly valuable for hiring!


A thorough and accurate job analysis will save you time by guiding the instructor hiring and training process. 

KSAOs are important and need to be studied most closely! Without them it would hard to nail down some of the stracutural components whether its training and interviewing. 

Using Ksao's and incumbent observations are all good Interviewing techniques. They will really help find the right person.


KSAOs help better organize the thought process involved in hiring an individual for an open position. I think it can also be used when doing annual performance evaluations. 

Performing a job analysis and looking for KSAOs is an essential place to start when hiring an instructor.


KSAOs are a great idea to help organize what kind of person I am looking to hire. I need to create a list which I never thought of it till this section of the training. Having a list and following the list is a perfect idea. 

Analyzing the job description and taking what I  have learned from instructor observations will help me with a better understanding of the key areas that I need to look for when interviewing for an instructor. Being able to map out areas of focus and using KSAO's will also help.

I liked the brreakdown of knowledge, skills and abilities.  That is a good way to go through and figure out which candidate fills the most needs in the depaartment.  I also enjoyed getting a better understanding of the why behind observations.


I like doing an interview with current faculty and gather knowledge that way. 


Job analysis is important for developing complete job descriptions.


Priot to hiring or even interviewing possible instructors, the management should have a written list of preferences and deal brakers pertaining the knowledge, skills, abilities, expected of the new team member.

In addition, the school management should be clear and have a plan where budgeting and compensation plans are attractive enough according to the job that needs to be filled.


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