Regina Bush

Regina Bush

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The statement feedback is a golden opportunity for improvement is accurate. The feedback one receives helps to inform future activities and initiatives.


We will ensure that students are greeted promp via phone/email and have an excellent experience with program faculty/ staff.


It is important to provide excellent customer service. Students who have a bad experience share the information with twice as many people. It behooves us to provide a excellent service experience!


Orientation activities can help students to remain excited to enter the program. Intermittent meet and greets will also help with this retainment leading up to the orientation.


Everyone is a part of retaining students. When students know the faculty members, program director and Dean.


There are many types of learners in the online environment. It behooves faculty to become abreast of the information. The information may be used to improve behavior in the online environment before issues arise.


It is important for an instructor to have knowledge of the technology needed for a student to participate in the course. The instructor must also be able to refer students to the correct source in order to trouble shoot issues and concerns. 

This is excellent information to assist FA with default prevention. All of us can assist with this effort to improve the university!

Provide information to students incrementally. Ensure tht you have 6 referemces for each student.

A comprehensive orientation is key to faculty success. The orientation should be incremental in nature. It should also include numerous conversations. It helps to clarify any ideas that are incorrect and to answer questions as they arise with the new faculty member. The incremental orientation gives the new faculty member the opportunity to digest the information!

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