Amardeep  Singh

Amardeep Singh

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Remebering students names help instructors earn the respect from students. It has helped me in my education journey. 

Ice breaker is the first thing I have done in my classes. Going over and asking student to set a reminder on the phones when each assignment is due. Covering the syllabus and making it interesting for the student is what keeps them enganged into class. 


Taking a new hire out for lunch is something I believe is very important. I would need to do that more often. 

Being honest with the candidate about the job. What you, as the director expecting from the instructor is critical—the best policy to be honest. 

Saving rejected candidates info for a different position or offering another position to apply for or work. The rejected candidate may be a better fit in another position. The recruiting process can yield many results, such as public relations, building resume files, and more. To be effective, it is essential to track the results of each step along the way and make changes as needed.

KSAOs are a great idea to help organize what kind of person I am looking to hire. I need to create a list which I never thought of it till this section of the training. Having a list and following the list is a perfect idea. 

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