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My name is Melanie Smith and currenlty serve as an Assistant Campus Director for Gurnicak ACademy of Medical Arts.  I have worked in post-private secondary education since 1995.  I have been in many different roles throughout the years.  I started off as an instructor for a front office medical program and eventually was overseeing 3 medical programs.  I was afforded the opportunity to return to school and earn my Bachelor's and Master's degree which help me advance my career even further.  I served as an Academic Dean for sevral years and now am happy to be an Assitant Campus Director.


I think hiring the right talent is so important for the succces of the students and the school as a whole.  I look forward to learning from my peers.


At a former employer, we would have instructors conduct a "teach-back demonstration.  Much like the what was cover in this lesson. The candidate would have a presentation for 10-15 minutes and faculty from the campus would be present to rate the teach-back.  It was another layer of the interview process which helped in final decision of candidates.

You should not rely on just one area for recruitment.  Talking to current staff and faculty is a great way to network also.

I never thought of using an incumbent along with an observation to gain a sense of what makes a good instructors.  If you have owrked in education for a period of time, you may have experienced a "good" hire and a "bad" hire.  The KSAO's are a great way to incorporate during the interviewing process.


Reply to Regina Bush's post:  Regina,  Have you used a comprehensive orientation for new newly hired faculty?  If so, what is working?  Is is the conversations with them that helps!

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