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Great Idea to interview and observe incumbent faculty. This can be very valuable especially with very successful instructors. It may also be valuable to observe instructors outside of the program. I like the idea of creating a KSAO to specifically outline the qualities that I need in a faculty. Do you think its appropriate to give an employment quiz to verify knowledge and skills? An essay question may also be very telling of writing and communication skills.



a Job analysis is critical to selcting the right candidate for the osition. One needs to know the requisite KSAO's for the position prior to interviewing any candidates for the position.


I like the idea of doing group incumbent interviews. This would benefit us in two ways. First, we would gain valuable knowledge for future hires, but sedondly we would be able to share insights with everyone in the group. Each faculty would be able to see what they do the same as others and differetly from others. This could be very helpful in imporving our incumbent faculty.


Reply to Elizabeth Murphy's post:Great points. Also it would help shore up skills of incumbent workers.

Reply to Regina Bush's post:Using the same questions really helps level the playing field for all interviewees.

It is extremely important to compensate your faculty it helps with retention.

Creating a checklist KSAO is important PRIOR to hiring and after the interviews.


Hiring people who all have a common virtue that suits the companys Institutional Culture. It can be be the backbone to the strength of the team. 

I think that using an incumbent for observation to get better ideas for hiring an instructor, is a great way to determine what skills, experience, strategies and overall teaching goals they might possess. 

I have learned that ii is also important to plan on retaining faculty not just hiring them

Completing the job analysis is a large task that is very important. The right team member will help create change in the work place. Completing the job analysis requires attention to detail and complete departmental needs. 

I enjoyed this module and learning how to put together a well-thought job description using job analysis with incumbent observation and interviews. Collaboration is huge in any business, but especially in the business of education. It's important to observe and learn from the people we have who do well and who we want to continue to emulate within the company, in that position. 

Your entire staff should participate in the job analysis process. Those that are doing the job on a daily basis has the best information on what/who would make an effective instructor. By observing them and interviewing them, you can develop a job description to guide you in the hiring process. In a sense, we are all HR reps.

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