Maryjo Marvin-Dixon

Maryjo Marvin-Dixon

Location: rochester, ny

About me


I'm the registrar/Bursar at the Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage




I tend to be more of a leader than a manager. But I'm capable of both. I just prefer to inspire people to attain a goal rather than making sure the goal is obtained. The course makes me realize I need to work on my managment skills.

Orinetation and showing the faculty the school and the equipment is a must!

I will start to use the multiple hurdle approach and KSAO


I will remeber that recruiting is also marketing and staying positve throughout the process.


Using Ksao's and incumbent observations are all good Interviewing techniques. They will really help find the right person.


Yes agreed, the 10% rule was a new one for me too. 


its important to have an advisory board and offer a library to students and staff.

The student service team plays an intergral role in the student and schools sucess.

Planning ahead can really help the business suceed.

Brainstorming with a diverse group helps to get a diffrent perspective.

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