Brandi Coverson-Ridore

Brandi Coverson-Ridore

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In a microblogging environment texting language is allowed.

Consider activities to develop utilized in the traditional, face-to-face (F2F) classroom and discover ways to transform them into activities appropriate for the online environment.

After utilizing the media, students should take a quiz to assess what they have learned. 

Some learners may find it difficult to develop informal relationships in an e-learning environment; therefore, it is important to monitor their participation levels. 

You should seek feedback from students on a regular basis about how the course is progressing. 

One of the most effective ways to begin building an e-learning community is to ask students to post a short biography of themselves. 

In an e-learning environment, learners have a higher sense of comfort and security when they are convinced that someone will be there to support them and make their learning experience a successful one.

Building a customer service strategy will raise the bar.

Be familiar with all your departments to make sure you are aware of what they are offering customers and their approach.

Good custmer service is a plus for any company.

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