Tammi Cooper

Tammi Cooper

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One thing that stands out to me here is the idea of focusing on a faculty member's performance right now. What is happening now is what matters, not how they performed 6 months ago.


It is important for new faculty to understand their expectations and how their job descriptions and tasks fit into the overall context of the academic program and university.


The five year plan can provide a roadmap of sorts for annual activities while also offering a longer-term look at the landscape.

The information in this course reminded me that it is important to view student support from a variety of "lenses." There are many departments and units that contribute to student success and we should work together to achieve the best outcomes.

Using data is incredibly important. Often times we have a "feeling" about what we want to do, but this is not enough. When using scarce university resources, we should be data-driven in our decisions.


Observing an incumbent is a great tip. I can certainly identify the characteristics of a good instructor. Translating these into KSAOs would be beneficial when developing a job description.

When it comes to national, online programs that span multiple states, narrowing in on communities is a greater challenge. This is something I will consider as I continue my journey.

Some faculty are more successful and engaging with certain topics or levels of courses. To optimize the learner experience, there should be thoughtful consideration of faculty assignments.


Bringing real-world experience into courses helps bridge the connection between the classroom and the job world. Hiring faculty with industry experience, who can provide this type of engagement, is of tremendous value to learners. 


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