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Understanding True Colors Personality Traits | Origin: EL117

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Understanding Online Instructors’ and Learners’ Personality Traits --> Understanding True Colors Personality Traits

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Learning about the True Colors Personality Traits I learned that Blue can be emotional, more withdrawn; Gold can be self rightrious, needs responsibiliy; Greem can be impatient, tends to make things more complex; Orange can be disinterested in routine and loud. 














I have reviewed the TC model and it is true. I have a friend who is orange and she fits so many of the characteristics. I am GOLD and all through high school I wanted to be an accountant.

I enjoyed reading about the color traits and i found it very interesting viewing the colors that matched my own personality. i will definitely take this with me as a instructor

True colors shows how each color relates to personalities and how to understand the values and needs.


I was intrigued on how the true colors described my personality. It was fun to read and see how my family members colors were so spot on. I will definitely use this with my students as a team building and to learn about each other.


Learning about the True personality traits can make the classroom or online learning environment flow. Each person will have a different true personality. Maybe groups could be put together of a blue, gold, green and oranet personality. 

Learning about the True personality traits can make the classroom or online learning environment flow. I learned that Each person will have a different true personality. Maybe groups could be put together of a blue, gold, green and oranet personality. 

Seth Soronnadi

Learned that  "In general, blue personality types are very people-pleasing-oriented, gold personality types are pragmatic planners, green personality types are independent thinkers, and orange personality types are very action-oriented. Something to keep on the look out.


The true colors is an excellent tool for us to be able to understand and get to know our students a little better.

TC is a great tool to help better understand a student's personality.

Gloria, Understanf the volor traits can give a better insight to your class which a great tool in trying to understand your students, it is also helpful in knowing how to pair students up for a group project.

By understanding my personality traits, I can be aware of the types of lessons I am creating. If left unchecked, the lessons I create will cater to students with similar personality traits to my own while alienating students with opposite traits.

The True Colors system of categorinzing personalities assigns colors to describe four different personality types. Blue individuals tend to be friendly, cooperative, cause-oriented, and sensitive to the needs of others. Gold individuals are planners who like structure and are loyal, organized, and determined. Green individuals are competent, independent and visionary. Orange individuals are active, kinesthetic, and somewhat flamboyant. To me, it seems an oversimplification of human nature, which is very complex, and it seems it would be difficult to try to categorize the learners in an online course without seeing what they wear, how they speak, or how they behave, outside of observed interactions with other students, which may still not present an accurate picture and would come to late to help design the course according to their personalities. However, any inkling of where particular students may fit could be helpful in determining collaborative project groups to ensure the best skills of each type are represented in each group.

having True colors based understanding of personalities allows me to further enhance my understanding of behavioral cues and using that knowledge to understand/comprehend the unsaid needs of my students

The true colors system not only idenities your personality but others that you deal with  once you have identifed other personality's that you come in contact with you are more capabile to understand and deal with the person or persons that you have to work with or teach.

Who knew that colors could identify your personality traits. 

Understanding one's personality traits helps in trying to manage and motive a student. Knowing what excites them.

I rarely use this form of assessment, but the concept of personality types is the same. In fact, I have used all different manners of tests to show students that they have a set or best practices method of learning and some of them even advanced to leadership roles in groups/projects because of this. 

I believe most people will find they are a mix of more than one color type personality.  


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