Michele Davis

Michele Davis

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Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)/digital educational components that can be cataloged, reused, archived, and stored for future use. 

Utilizing YouTube to give online instructions to students.

Utilizing VARK or True color testing so students can check their learning and personality type to ascertain they are making the best choice for their personal learning styles and needs.

The fact that you can not utilize the same videos each term for the same course such as imbedding video links into PowerPoints and reusing them each term or semester without getting permission from the copyright holder. 

Full feature movies can be viewed at home or in F2F classroom environments. However, they cannot be viewed online without copyright permission.

Copyright law period, utilizing articles more than once would require permission although the article is posted online. 

I did not realize we needed permission to utilize parts of television shows that could be applicable to instruction prior to sharing them with the class. 

Wow, I never thought about using 'bold' text or colored letters. I never put much thought into allowing a lapse of time for a student with a disability time to answer or that clicking 'ok' with present a problem for someone. 

Barriers to utilizing part of LMS and other online systems for individuals with visual disabilities. 

There is a lot to consider regarding students overall but especially those with disabilities. It's important and essential that we identify students with disabilities and consider their needs when we are developing the course and the type of content that will be utilized. 

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