Michael Branham-Bell

Michael Branham-Bell

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A robust orientation for faculty member is key to a successful start along with ongoing professional development.

This statement was important, " Focus on predictive indicators..." rather than negative quantitative data. Focus on the successful predictors...

Online faculty need a robust orientation prior to teaching their first class in order to help them be successful.

When hiring online adjunct faculty, you must know state rules and regulations and consider accreditation standards. 

Having self-awareness make me a better leader. I must know "thyself" and understand me before I can lead others.

As a leader, I must be self-aware and be open to listen. 

I believe I am more of a leader; however, I also possess managerial skills as well. I am both a leader and manager. 

I learned that Leaders set the vision, inspire and keeps the team moving to accomplish the mission. Managers are hands-on to make sure the team is executing and achieving the goals.

As a leader, I treat my team they way I want to be treated - professionalism, respect, integrity, caring, and engagement. I seek to inspire, motivate and challenge the team to common goals and purposes. 

I learned that a top performer in an organization doesn't always qualify the individual for a management position.

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