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Workload Management Strategies for Teaching Online --> WLMS for Teaching Online

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Effective professional development enables instructors to develop their knowledge and skills needed to manage their workload, improve instruction, and enhance the learning process.

Managing time is important. Focusing on organization, discipline, and flexibility is the goal.


Using effective management helps with overload.


Time management is key! Setting boundaries is alos very important. 

I like the use of a template. I can see how this would save time and avoid repetitive questions. I plan to give this a try.

I have learnt important characteristics necessary to be successful as an online instructor, challenges, four types of online delivery models, stategies for managing administrative tasks and how to prioritize time for work and personal responsibilities.

I plan to prioritize, organize and plan the administrative roles of my course so as to reduce time wasting during delivery and be on my way to becoming successful.

Planning, organization, communication, regulations, policies and time/workload management are key.

Workload Management Strategies for Teaching Online --> WLMS for Teaching Online

To manage the workload as an online instructor, you should focus on three areas, 1. manage the time and course, 2.establish rules and  regulations and 3. demonstrate leadership qualities.

Being proactive by planning ahead of time is the key to successful time mamgement when teaching online.

Create for yourself a schedule. Make sure to find a balance between teaching and your personal life.  Organization, Time Management and Discipline are key.

Managing administratively helps prevent teacher and student burnout.   Plan for reserved times to get back to students and communicate when that will be.   Model leadership and remember you are in the public eye.   Make expectations for the class explicit as soon as you can from course beginning so students can plan. 


This section of our lesson was focused on manaement skills. Time, workload, communications, etc. are all taken into consideration when you are attepting to manage an online course. Be thorough with your expectations and guidelines from the begining of the course to avboid confusion later. 

Because students can work in the online platform at anytime an instructor can easier get pulled into being available 24-7.  So plan a schedule and try to stick to it. 


How important managing time is and being well organized. Anticipating what the students might ask or need ahead of time will minimize my admin workload.


As we are now teaching online, the main thing is to have a plan in advance just as you would in the actual classroom. Always!


Just dumping material on students can easily overload students and faculty. Planning a controlled release of information in a thoughtful way can eliminate much (if not all) of the overload felt.

Plan ahead.  Know the road map and provide a clear map to your students to follow.  Set up your time schedule and be efficient.  Create a word doc with common answers to help you reply to students questions without type the same thing several times.  The more organized you are before the class starts, the easier time managment will be teaching the course.


Athough time managment has become somewhat of a cliche in this modern world, it's more about blocking time, priortizing and goal setting. Having these things in mind will prevent burn out for botht he insturctors and the students.

Time management is important.  Separating personal things from work things is also important.  You don't have to be available 24/7 just because the classs is available during that time.