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Scaffolding is important because the students build on their prior knowledge. It can be a problem if the students have different knowledge bases. The instructor has to be careful in order to track all students are advancing in the class. 

Scaffolding is important for ensuring that students have or are given the knowledge that they need to be successful in the learning objectives. 

I have learned the importance of developing a syllabus that is logical and helps guide students through as well as developing a sense of belonging to the course.

The lesson was important in learning different online tools in order to  develop communication and online knowledge sharing to develop online learning communities.


What I took away from this module was the importance of a good detailed syllabus in the efficiency of a quality e learning course.

The syllabus must be expertly executed and scaffolding has eight very important steps that create a firm foundation for learning.


I learned that creating a dynamic sylllabus is extremely important for online users. 

A Dynamic Syllabus is necessary, you need to use web tools for student collaboration, student scaffolding buidling on prior knowledge is key.

I find "scaffolding" very useful. It helps to assure the students have learned from previous topics and are able to use this new information and build on it. 


This has always been a fundamental principle in learning but may be more important in an online setting...


I have learned having a dynamic syllabus allow it to be shared where studnets can access and utilize at any time.  Scafolding is also important it allows studnets to use their prior knowledge and build on that 

Scafolding can be acheived through asynchronus discussion, through the knowledge brought forth by each contributing student. A learner can build on knowledge acquired from others.

I like the description of Scaffolding. I hae never heard it put that way.  I totally agree good communication during every step, phase, activity and process is essential for effective learning and assessment.


Online comminutes play an important role in an online setting. This sense of “community” supports student’s learning specially on team / group projects. It also gives a sense of “ownership” to a student’s individual contribution in class.

Creating an interactive syllabus is vital for the success of an online course.  The instructor must be able to create an online community in which students feel they belong and they have a purpose.  Effective communication is essential for the success of the students.


The syllabus needs to be thorough to aid students learning and scaffolding has several steps aiding learning.

I have learned that is very important to create a dinamic syllabus in an online class to guide the students during the course


I learned how important effective communication is with an on line course and how important it is to make sure that instructions for course communication has to be included in the syllabus. I will make sure that my syllabus includes not only expectations, but also what i expect in terms of communication.


Use website tools especially group discussion-type of tools for students to be encouraged to learn.