Tonya Tracy

Tonya Tracy

Location: united states


In my position as an Early college Transition Coordinator, I see how students in CTE programs are more motivated and able to apply the knowledge they are learning to real world situations. 


This is a great lesson plan for teachers to implement mock interviews with their CTE students.  I have assisted with many and it has proven very helpful for the students.


I felt like this course gave me a different approach to changing my person communication with others.  I appreciated the contente and the way it was presented.

I am going to make an stronger effort to not interrupt people and be more aware of my voice and tone and my body language.


I have decided to have a list of items by my phone, that are high priority items to cover for different questions when a student calls.


There is one thing I will never forget that I learned in my undergraduate degree.  I have been able to apply this in every aspect of my life.

Needs Assessment, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation.  This 4 step process is an ongoing process that can be used for anything anytime.  Growth happens when we are constantly finding ways to better ourselves and our processes. 


Rubrics are something I never learned until I went to college, but once I learned about them, I realized how very helpful they were in identifying where I needed to improve and how to improve. 


I like the description of Scaffolding. I hae never heard it put that way.  I totally agree good communication during every step, phase, activity and process is essential for effective learning and assessment.


I had no idea there was such a thing as TeacherTube and SchoolTube.  I intend to research these.


I appreciate the thorough suggestions of how to deeal with a variety of behaviors as well as how to provide feedback to retain the students due to a variety of circumstances such as lack of interaction or technical difficulties.


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