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Including activities for the students to connect with the instructor and their peers is very important. Student interaction facilitates students interest and responsibility for their learning and also contributing to that of their peers.

Online course offerings are ever increasingly popular. Having a good understanding of how to organize online courses to allow students to easily navigate through the course content is essential to instructional success via online offerings.

Structural design is very important when designing online courses.

What have you learned from this module and how do you intend to apply it?

That virtual learning has started in 1700s.

21% of public schools already offer at least 1 entirely online course by 2019.

6% of public schools already offer all their courses online as an additional option to onsite by 2019.

Now, in 2023, online learning is even easier and more affordable.

Breaking content into modules was very helpful, because it keeps the flow of the class going and helps students know what to expect. I think in the in-person environment, there is a lot more flexibility depending on the "vibe" of the class and how well you can tell if students are picking up information. The challenge with online learning, in my opinion, seems to be really tailoring it to the individual and making sure that the class as a whole is keeping up or being challenged. I've had classes where students really struggled, so I spent extra time on certain topics. Conversely, in classes where students really understood the material, I was able to introduce topics that weren't initially covered, or delve deeper into a particular area so that they could get more out of the class. I wish it was easier to do this type of organic adjustment online. 

Hello, I will take this information and apply it daily in my role as an remote instructor. By doing this, I can teach students how to stay grounded and motivated while learning in an online environment. 

Online learning is expanding more. Structural learning is an important part of that. 

I found very interesting the data provided by the NCES on 2018-2019. According to them, 21 %. of public schools including the charters, offer at least one course entirely online. Also, only 6% of all public schools offer all their courses either onsite or online. 

I have learned about the 4 major qualities of an online course and how developing courses around them benefits the learner.  Having a course that is easy to navigate is the first step to delivering a successful online course.

The importance of an online course is easy to navigate. The course content includes media strategies along with interaction.

I appreciated the non-education relevance of structural integrity presented, as well as the 4 characteristics of online courses in general.  As an A&P educator I link characteristics of something to that something's function. 

Clear indication of outcomes - what can we do once we complete this course - before activities or LOs.

Online courses often require more time, not less.

Distance learning requires a student-centered approach that caters to different learning styles and engages students in various instructional experiences. Students can actively participate in the learning process by including interactive activities like group discussions, virtual field trips, and synchronous class sessions. Interaction with instructors and peers fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills and students' engagement and contributes to their overall growth and development in the online learning environment.

Student engagement correlates with enhanced critical thinking skills and improved knowledge retention. By actively involving students in the learning process, educators create an environment that fosters deep analysis, comprehensive understanding, and long-term retention of acquired knowledge.

If the student can navigate the information readily, they will be more apt to participate and engage more in the learning subject.  

Encouraging students to have peer to peer interaction. Checking to make sure students are comprehending material at regular intervals. 


I would like to ensure that my instructions and assignments are organized and well discussed and prepared for so that the students don't experience any frustration during the week while completing assignments.

Key points learned are the organizational structure of the class along with quality media enhances student learning and involvement with course.

It is very important to develop content that focuses on sensory experience and not just through presentations.

Well designed and simple to navigate.

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