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In teaching online courses, the content must be organized and sequential. The course site must be attractive and easy to navigate. Students must be able to find information easily. It is also important for students to interact with peers and the instructor. A variety of different types of learning activities help to engage students.

quality Online courses are what is needed in a fast paced world with Very user friendly navigation methods.

Navigational simplicity help make a course and what is expected easier to understand.

Distant learning is very vast an ever growing. To my understanding "it has grown exponentially," as I concur! From structural, navigational, centered learning, to intellectual interactions these are the fundamental designs to create a solid foundation. Furthermore, the quality being delivered are controlled and managed, which are aimed to assess, retrieve, and activate to promote advanced learning for "all individuals from all walks of life."  

This course outlines the importance of how the course looks, along with navigation through the course, clear expectations outlined from the beginning of the course for students to see. 

Characteristics of Online Courses: What is most important?

The four characteristics outlined in EL101 (structural integrity, navigational simplicity, learner-centered learning, and intellectual interaction) are all necessary components, but when looked at individually, each one can be considered just as critical as the next. For example, if all characteristics are present but the structure integrity and flow of a course is disjointed, there is a higher likelihood of low motivation from the student and/or dropping a course. 

If I had to rate the characteristics to prioritize when developing an online course, I would rate the following(1 being most critical):

1. intellectual interaction

2. structural integrity

3. navigational simplicity

4. learner-centered learning

In this module, I've gained valuable insights into how a well-structured online format helps students learn. 

One significant lesson I've learned is how valuable quizzes can be, after this learning I plan to apply by this knowledge by implementing quick quizzes as a break from lecture.

In designing and developing an online course, effort needs to be made to connect student to both content and instructor.


When students feel like contributors to the online course they become more involved and excited about the material they are learning.

Interactive coursework to allow for student engagement and purpose.

I appreciate the information regarding structural integrity and navigation simplicity. Providing students with simple ways to navigate material will decrease confusion and ensure students easily access assignments. I'm interested in learning more about intellectual interaction to increase online engagement for the learners. 

The importance of easy navigation so the learner does not become frustrated or waste time with the navigation of the course instead of learning. The other essential component of online learning is interaction. It is important to engage the learner and keep the learner interested and focused on the learning objectives. This can be accomplished using different forms of interactive learning activities such as videos, discussions, interactive exercises that engage the learning and help with retention of information and concepts.

Interaction between learners and teachers, as well as a good design of an online environment can significantly improve the experience of online learning and learning outcomes. A good structure of a course is base on which the the learner can begin to build up knowledge.

Very well Designed. it's easy to navigate.

Utilizing modules and ensuring user-friendly navigation to foster active learning in high-quality online courses is undeniably one of the most critical aspects of education. Consequently, I am dedicated to implementing a diverse range of media formats to support students on their educational journey.

I have learned there are four important aspects to a course; Structural Integrity, Navigational Simplicity, Active Learner-Learner Centered, and Intellectual interaction.  The last few paragraphs of the module discussed the importance of content and experiences to promote online learning.  I prefer audio as opposed to continual reading.  It would have been nice to have this option so I could read along with the audio.  With this in mind, I realized the importance of student engagement.

I agree that eLearning gives the students accountability.


WOW, distance learning in the 1720S?!? Distance learning has been round longer than most people think and now with the internet, education can be world wide instantly. 

I've learned the providing easy navigation and structure will ensure learners stay engaged and focused while on their learning journey.  

It makes perfect sense that as the quality of the media used goes up so does the interaction and therefore the learning of students. I did not know however that correspondence courses first started in 1728! :) Pretty interesting.

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