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The design of online courses must be done following certain parameters that seek to facilitate the user experience. This implies putting into practice a simple structure that is consistent with the learning objectives.

Quality online courses need to have structural integrity and navigational simplicity to ensure an enriched learning experience

Characteristics of quality online courses include navigational ease and learner-focused.  These can be accomplished with curriculum and design that are simple in layout, but challenge the student to use critical thinking skills and engage with other students via the internet.

The quality of the online program combined with student interactions equals greater student learning.

Navigating through the modules with ease and easy navigation through the simulations are a great bonus!

Structural integrity and navigation simplicity set us up for success

Showing that you dedicated time to create the the online course will help maintain integrity and attention.

The Characteristics of Quality Online Courses will improve the process of designing and creating programs, with the responsibility to provide the content and strategies for a efficient learning. 

Learned the importance of simplicity coupled with intellectual engagement.

I've learned that a course designed to have structural integrity demonstrating segmented sequencing has a framework helps the learner be more engaged

There are some important characteristics an online class must have such as structural integrity and self-centered learning

Use the learning environment to stimulate learning in an interactive way that will engage all types of learners. The other key issue is to keep them engaged. Repeating what is important in different ways will reach several different types of learners as well.

The course has to be organized and be user friendly as far as navigation is concerned.

Module or sections work best 

I have retained that online learning has evolved so much and is very important in todays era of teaching and learning. I also learned that strategy learning and content are very important for students in building a strong foundation along with knowledge testing.

Quality standards for online classes are based on best practices identified through experience and research. These standards share seven core components for creating a realistic environment and facilitating learning:

  1. Learning Objectives
  2. Assessments
  3. Course Materials and Activities
  4. Faculty and Student Interaction
  5. Online Student Support
  6. Technology Requirements
  7. Evaluation and Improvement

Online courses need to be well organized, easy to navigate, and promote interaction between students and instructors. 

Straight-forward design with emphasis on engagement and affirming responses when possible are characteristics of effective design. A consistent format with minimal variation allows ease of movement.

The need to keep up with online classes and techniques to maintain students interested and engaged is fundamental for the success of any online program. The more resources we as instructors have, the better the student's experience and outcomes. 

The on line course is well laid out so its easy for students to navigate and can focus on the lessons

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