Susan Ramsey

Susan Ramsey

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I find it time consuming and difficult to find games to incorporate online.  I dislike the time it takes to find an app or a game that would work online, then I feel the need to change it so students don't get bored playing the same game.  

It does help with retention of material, but is time consuming. 

Using the different media strategies to engage students.  Now I need to learn where to find some of the tools to incorporate these into my courses.  

I evaluate which questions are asked the most, have a frequently as question page so they can see if their question has already been answered.  

If it still can not be answered then have a set time like Lucy stated above, email student and try to coordinate a time that is convenient.

Getting students' engaged by using different methods of questions, using google with their reading to enhance the retention of what they are learning and why.  

If the student can navigate the information readily, they will be more apt to participate and engage more in the learning subject.  

Encouraging students to have peer to peer interaction. Checking to make sure students are comprehending material at regular intervals. 


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