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I have learned the importance of easy navigation and have an inviting first page.


I did not know that only 20% of private schools offer online learnng.



Only 6% of public schools offer online learning.


Students who have taken my classes often praised the navigational simplicity of the set up.  That said, they did want activities with more interaction.  Discussions were fine, but they wanted "more."  They just didn't give examples of more "what."

It is important that students can easily navigate the course and find the learning modules with ease right off the start.  Additionally, well placed announcements to guide the student in starting the class is helpful as well.  Secondly, as an instructor, I want to ensure that I am connecting with my students right away, via email, phone call, and/or text message to troubleshoot any initial questions the student may have as he/she begins the class.


Joyce Hladky



Easy navigation is important for all students - first-timers and old-timers - since all students need easy access to course information


Students in an online program need a variety of learning methods in order to connect with the content and the instructor. The ability to be engaged in the learning environment with others is essential in order to see relevance in the material being taught.


Integrating media strategies or different content is essential to engage learners. 

The big takeaway I learned from this program section is that case studies need built-in strategies to engage every student. As educators, we know students take one of two approaches to group work. Some students do as little work as possible, and the other students will pick up the slack to not have the lack of work by their group members affect their grades. I will take the time to investigate ways to incorporate strategies to enhance the group work experience, and every student has an active role in the case studies. 


It is not only important to add a strong foundation it is important to provide students with the ability to interact with all contact so they are applying their concepts and not just clicking through the material and not retaining anything.


Havong modules can really help support the learning process for the course by having it organized.   There is a level of focus I like with using modules for the students we support.


Online courses can be difficult to masterfully design because you have to account for so many personality types, learning styles, levels of interaction, and possible questions that might arise even before the student finishes reading/performing the material. Having someone highly skilled in problem solving and critical thinking will make this easier, but it is hardly foolproof. 

I learned about the evolution of distance learning from correspondence courses to online learning.  I intend on applying the characteristics of structural integrity, navigational simplicity, active-learner centered learning, and intellectual interaction to my course development to ensure my students get quality learning material.

I think that I will implement more interactive media components into my subsequent coursework. That may take some creativity on my part but the reasoning bechind this idea from the module is sound.


I learned the importance of interaction between learners and other learners and learners and instructors is important for retention.  I will look to include more of these activities in future courses.


One of the most important aspects of online education is the isimplicity and organization of said course. 


Having a welllaid out navigation page for the students is good. Useing modules to go through the course is a great way to do it.

Online learning is gaining in popularity and it is not going away any time soon.

The course should be easy to navigate and well structured. 


Online courses are designed to help learners outside of the traditional brick and mortar.  Courses should be organized and broken down into lessons, where the students have the ease of navigating through the courses.  The goal is to educate the students with information that allows them to be able toprogress educationally, they should be able to interact with their teachers and peers, and content taught, should push them to critically think and problem solve.


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