Cindy Stevens

Cindy Stevens

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There is no one size fits all. That is why each accommodation must me individually reviewed and must apply to the disability. 

It is very important to see the person and not the disability. 

It is very interesting about other students with no disability. We must not provide a situation where is can harm someone without a disability. 

Time is the biggest challenge of online learning. An instructor MIA is a big worry for online students.

Instructors must pay attention to the signs that a student is not engaged.

You need to have a combo of well designed passive learning activities, along with active learning activities.

Active learning is 90% by "doing."

Employers want to hire employees who can solve problems and think critically.

Rubrics are very useful for establishing a certain level of expectations and are helpful when grading student or group work.

It can be challenging to teaching online courses due to the nature of student centered learning. Meaning, students can have an attitude because they feel like they are teaching themselves and that is not what they "think" they want.

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