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Group Activities | Origin: ED310

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Teaching Medical Terminology in Fun and Exciting Ways --> Group Activities

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I often implement games within my classroom lessons. I use Kahoot, Jeopardy and Millionaire games currently. I like the idea of the Guess Who? and find your match games and will be attempting those on a trial basis!

Kathleen, I also use Kahoot and Jeopardy! I will have to look at the Millionaire games as well!

I use millionaire games in my lessons  however I am going to try to implment this football game I learned here.

The students like Kahoot and we have played games with vocabulary words. These ideas are great and although I am not a  classroom instructor I look forward to tailorin some of these ideas for lab activities.

I like the flip-chart game as it doesn't put anyone on the spot. I'll have to think of a way this can be incorporated into distant learning. 

I do use a lot of games and activities already, but have not seen the baseball game and will be trying that!


I will be playing baseball with my students.


I have learned from this module is that subliminal review is a great learning tool.

I will refer to this lesson periodically. Thank you!

I like secret ID because it can be used to teach different subject. I like it for teaching clinical and terminology. I think that this will engage students and also help to reinforce the information.


I learned from this module that there are a few activities an instructor can incorporate into learning plan. Secret identity is the first activity to try with talkative-friendly groups. This gives them a chance to talk and mingle with each other. 


  • I like the Secret Identity, as Medical Assistants, my students will need to learn how to ask Open-Ended questions when 
  • talking to patients about the type of pain, how long have they had it etc


I will most likely try the Index Card Matching Activity first. 

I am also interested in trying out the Name Tag Activity as well. 

i plan to use the ball, football, and baseball activities for student engagement. d


I really like the Nerf ball game for a review of content towards the end of class.  Once we go back to onsite classes I will implement this one!  I've done the matching term and definition cards before with another class I've taught and I will tailor it to my new class once onsite.

I think the Secret Idenity Game would really help the nursing students with their open ended qestions. PLus it seems like a lively game that will keep them awake and learning during class.

In this module, I learned different activities and methods of engaging the class, to help with retention of information.

The ball toss game is definintely something I'd like to implement with my class. I think it is a fun and exciting way to summarize what has been learned.


I would love to use these, but as I am teaching an online course, I will need to modify. I think the idea of "throwing the ball" is a great idea to summarize the lesson of the day

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