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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.

Allied Health Instructions

I would like to utilize an activity with blackout bingo.  I was wondering how much time it takes to prepare an activity.

Four Corners

The game I often play with my students in class is called Four Corners. I find that they ALL struggle with the scenario/case studies questions. I put a case study up on the big screen along with the answer choices. In each of the four corners of the room, there is an A, B, C, and D posted on the wall. The students will go stand in the corner of which they think the answer is. They are allowed to discuss possibilities with their peers in order to help them figure out the correct answer. After about a minute or… >>>

Understanding student's various learning styles

I have learned over the years to continuously adapt to each group's learning styles and to always ask for feedback on ways to improve and keep them interested.


I'd love to have my students do Blackout Bingo in a clinical setting.  This is the beginning of my second year as an Instructor and last year our time in the clinical setting was very limited due to COVID.  Thus, my challenge - working through tasks in our lab.  

Creative Teaching Tools in Clinical and Didactic Courses

This course should be taking by all clinical instructors. 

There was so many great ideas that I would love to implement. These teaching tools will definitely have my students thinking outside of the box.


I would like to share the concept of "Cat naps" is not a sign of mental channel surfing.  The phrase is just as it says.  It is a brief nap.

Medical Equipment BINGO

I plan to guide some electronic engineering technology students into Clinical Engineering Technology.(Medical device repair/design). In order to ensure students learn some productive skills while at a hospital, my BINGO game will have 5 common medical devices as Columns and under each, five common problems for each device. Students will need to take initiative and work with different medical equipment technicians to troubleshoot and solve each issue. Students should finish this BINGO game with 25 specific problem solving experiences that are useful to a hospital. I can use this with other fields such as maufacturing. 


(edited) I want to… >>>



Secret identity

I enjoyed doing this course.  I've learned so much.  Secret identity will be one of my activities every week.  Thank you so much.

Reflection on specific subject teaching strategies

This module reminded me of the need to process out each chapter of the text to facilitate learner engagement of the material with additional learning aids, such as games and interactive activities.  

Ora Robinson

Reflection on including games


I've completed the module on incorporating games.  After reading the evidence and reviewing the examples, I am more willing to create and implement some of the suggestions.  The challenge will be to implement with a large class size from 40-52.  I can put into random groups and have them play within the group and then reconvene and discuss.  Any one with additional suggestions?

Ora Robinson

Reflection on theories and application

Although familiar with adult learning theories, it was a refresher to review the various concepts and reflect on how I have used them and if effective.  I took time to reflect on the reflection questions and was able to identify any resistance toward certain theoretical frameworks.  # 7 spoke about resistance students.  Historically, there were few compared to the majority being resistance based on the generational societal norms.  I realize I personally do not like games in the classroom because I do not know how to play them, especially the tech games.  This let's me know to stay relevant with… >>>

Lesson planning and student engagment

This llesson gave a lot of insight on how to intergate technology and other resouces to the learning enviroment.   There was tools that encoughed different forms of assessment that will be helpful to ensure student learning and engagment.  All  the information is useful to the betterment of insturctional learning and adoptment.


try in glass

3-month email technique

This technique is one of the most successful in connecting with the students afte the class. It makes this learning process an ongoing one rather than an event.


I found this class stressful.  I don't like to post things so this part is making me mad

taking time to analyze and create a positive environment

classroom activities can be more beneficial than teachers may think. Alot fo the time, there is so much to cover in a given time that we believe/think that activities will be a waste of time or time consuming, taking time away from the content but if prepared and when using the appropriate activities in a timely manner it can have a positive impact on the students. this was a very good edu section.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are transferrable skills. so they can be used in many differennt types of jobs. They are personal qualities and attitudes that can help you to work well with others and make a postitive contribution to the organizations that your work for.

However, this isnt to say that technical skills and knowledge are not  also important, particularly computer skills. Bur remember that technical skills can be taught more easily than soft skills, which tend to be either personal characteristics or skills that have bee fine-tuned over a period of time.


classroom games add flair and student engagement to>>>


Try to show students I care more ask them who influnced them


I had students discussing in a circle and they interacted and had fun!