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Judy Thompson

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try different types of learning techniques for those who might not be self motivators

understanding that each students has outside "life" happening, be a good listener and advisor to help when we can

be a good listener

students should be considered like customers, you need to deliver the education and not look at them as $

getting to know the students so they feel comfortable with you

giving students confidence boosts whenever they are doing good and accomplishing the tasks to keep interest and give them the desire to keep striving to do good

mindfulness is important, also self care!

This is a huge part of my teaching already, getting the students ready for clinicals and future jobs, and letting them know that they will most likely be hired because they are a fit for the company, they can always help teach you skills, but the cannot teach personality.


I do use a lot of games and activities already, but have not seen the baseball game and will be trying that!


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