Kelly Penn

Kelly Penn

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Adult students require autonomy in order to be motivated. Giving students choices will help enhance this.

I need to remind myself to add the appropriate amount of wait time after asking questions

IEPs can help students succeed

That TBI and PTSD can be concurrent and can cause similar symptoms

PTSD is far more common than I originally thought.

Application is key, not just for our veteran students, but older students as well. The how and why matter.

Assuming that all military members are responsible, motivated, and self-starters can set up some of your students for failure.

My husband has a TBI as a result of his service, and it can be frustrating for him when tackling new concepts. Taking the time, and using different approaches can mitigate that.

We have to meet our students where they are. In post-secondary education we get to see, more than most, a variety of students from diverse backgrounds. This is an oppurtunity, not a hindrance

EI impacts all aspects of a students life and career..

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