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Pamela Farough

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In this module I learned about managing classroom behavior. The different techniques, I wished I would have learned earlier in my career.  Sometimes I think just walking around the room and making the students aware you are watching them helps to disperse some of the problems. I can see  where asking someone that is causing problems to politely leave, helps to decrease their anger and hopefully brings your class back under control. 

I have learned about the 4 styles of classroom management. Looking at all the styles I believe I fit the Guide with the Buddy creeping in on certain days for a short burst!

FERPA is in place to keep student information on their records safe.

There are many rules and regulatons to FERPA. A new employee should be oriented to these new rules when first employed. A complete background check background check should be done prior to hiring the individual.

I learned if a student chooses to opt out of releasing Directory Information. They are not allowed to have their name published in the Commencement Program or Honor's List. Also you should be careful with online board discussions if the student has signed the same form. You are not allowed to reference their name in online discussion. I would think this would be hard to obtain participation points at times!

In this module I learned you should never " water down" your course material.  People with disabilities may need to have accomidations to  acheive this goal.  In the end everyone finishes the course with the same education.  

I have learned about several kinds of mental diorders .  The most impportant thing I learned was how to accomidate these disabilities in class. Perhaps making learning easier for everyone involved in the entire class. 

I have learned there are many differnt forms of learning disabilities. Just because you have a disability does not mean you can't be successful in life.  There are accomidations to assist and make learning successful! 

I learned that a student needs to identify and provide documentation to campus disability professionels. After they are approved, faculty then meets with them to determine the best way to accomidate their learning needs . This helps to place everyone on the same page and  encourage student to success year.

People usually think of disabilities as physical. Disabilities also include in the spectrum sensory and learning. Teachers should think of all of these when engaging a classroom. They may have to fine tune their teaching to someone's disability. Hence supporting the persons educational needs and helping them to thrive as others in the classroom. 

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