Changes in the allied health fields are occurring at a rapid rate due to developments in technology, treatment and patient involvement.  It important that allied health educators be knowledgeable about these changes and be able to share them with their students.  This group is for allied health educators who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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3 colored dots | New discussion by Karen Andrews

I liked the idea of the dots on the students' watches. The red dot means to get instructor oversight, with the other dots reminding the students of other steps. I teach Radiology for the Dental Hygien...

class | New blog by Lisa Childs

I found this class stressful.  I don't like to post things so this part is making me mad

Team Building AND Learning | New comment by Wideline Tanelus

have them work in team it is definately a wonderful idea.

Medical Terminology | New comment by Jill Himberger, RMA

I agree that paring a shy student, or one who is reluctant to participate with an more outgoing student does usually work.  I will also try to utilize that student in a way that they are either...

ED 310 | New comment by Wanda Boley

I like the idea of "name badge on the back" I am going to use this in my next terminology term.

Concept mapping | New discussion by Kathy Zahner

We have found using concept mapping is a great way to help the students understand what they've learned in theory and what they see in clinicals. It really helps the light bulb gooff as it starts to m...

taking time to analyze and create a positive environment | New blog by ha nie chung

classroom activities can be more beneficial than teachers may think. Alot fo the time, there is so much to cover in a given time that we believe/think that activities will be a waste of time or time c...

Fun times | New discussion by Anthony Turner

This was interesting

Beat the clock | New comment by Kathy Grice

I recently used beat the clock for students learning several cardiac medications. There were two back to back quizzes on cardiac medications, one focused on how the different names matched up, the...

Sharing ideas | New comment by Jean Erickson

I love this idea. One time I was going to make up little cards of some guidelines I keep in my pocket that I refer to frequently and seem to never keep in memory no matter how many times I memorize...