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Spaghetti muscles and pizza for blood gases are great teaching tools for visual and kinesthetic learning.

Shower cap brain anatomy and the cardiac circulation sheet are great teaching tools to use with students.

Patient Bingo and Event Cards are wonderful tools as a teaching method in a clinical setting.

Utilizing activities such as "The Weakest Think" and hands-on skills are great didactic content teaching tools.

Fairly good ideas on how to engage students in a variety of areas of instruction. 

Enjoyed learning about different techniques to engage students and decrease anxiety like to puzzle game or the "weakest think" to help with critical thinking and assessment skills.

I learned various teaching strategies that will help me make a big impact in my students lives.

You can deteermine a students particular learning style by performing 60-second questions.

I learned more learning styles and how to handle each one.

There are 8 different learning styles.

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