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Using everyday items to create lasting memories, keeping the students engaged 

Teaching tool are excellent tools to help your students learn in a non threatening environment

The ideas suggested are great! as you stated it is very difficult to be monitor of group of students all at once. 

Engaging student is critical to help them learn to think critically and the link the content that s being taught 

I will incorporate the Pulse Point Marcena when teaching the pulses during lecture or clinical.  The students can have while they learn.

The T-shirt is a great learning activity to assess the student's knowledge and creativity.  The CPR activity was interesting. 

This module provided great ideas for the clinical setting.  I like the event cards activity a slow day, dots on the watch to keep track of the student's task and patient bingo for the beginner students.  

Reply to Karie Tennant's post: Karie, I agree.. Learning should be fun and not stressful for our students.

I learned there's many ways to incorporate activities to decrease student's anxiety.  The eye and ears activity is a great game to evaluate the student's assessment skills.

New ideas to implement for introducing course content  

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