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Supervision and coordination are very important.

Stablishing learning goals for the student.

Make sure that these goals are in accordance with the onsite coordinator.

Setting Goals and Outcomes Aid in Development.

Supervision and support go hand in hand. 

On-campus and on-site supervisors need to communicate to effectively guide the internship process for students. This communication includes visiting the students on site, work closely with the on-site supervisor and the student in case there are problems with a student. The on-site supervisor needs to be very organized. Clearly explain the intern the responsibilities, set up specific time to meet with intern, encourage and provide help. In case the intern does not take the internship seriously, the n-site supervisor should alert problems as soon as possible.  These observations should be described I the evaluation document that will help the students know their strengths and weaknesses.

An inturnship with feedback from both sides can help with critiquing the curriculum to better fit the career path in question.


Students need to be aware of the outcomes expected and how they are meeting those outcomes.

Set the proper expectations and goals are critical to the overall outcome.

The outcome of an internships is determined by organization, preparation, and planning.


Organizing the experience is key.  Supervisors are critical to the student as well as the clients experience


Student, employer and faculty shouw establish the student learning outcomes prior to the student starting their intership. 

Student supervision is important to their success and learning outcomes. Allowing for different styles of the work make differ depending on the person providing instruction. If we are able to offer students multiple varieties this would allow for the one that suits best for the student. 


Using a supportive site is crucial to student learning and growth.