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Intrinsic motivation leads personal satisifaction while extrinsic movtiavtion avoids pain.

Timely communication and cooperation are important to the folks invloved in the inter process.

Set the proper expectations and goals are critical to the overall outcome.

Intership is a symbiotic relationship and we should promote the process.

I have gone an extra mile to search for intern sites for our students as a gateway to future employments.

I am an advocate of on the job training. It is one of the best ways to jump start a profession.

We snet students on I.T. sites to learning from the existing business and to interact with the customers. It is a good process for all invloved.

Service learning can enhance the overall learning experience for the younger generation. They become more interactive with their current environment and they can better appreciate the value of life.

I would serve society better if I am a critical thinker.

The current generation lacks skills in critical thinkings and our society has issues.

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