Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

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That the information both from the student and the onsite coordinator are very important.

The Journal that the student must do will serve as a guide for evaluation and for future references.


Supervision and coordination are very important.

Stablishing learning goals for the student.

Make sure that these goals are in accordance with the onsite coordinator.

internship can be a very benefitial experience for the student and should be of help for the company that takes them in also.

In order to properly evaluate the student there are certain things that must be done:

Keep a close supervision of the student

Make sure that he keeps a record of his shores and hours in order to be able to see if the requirements are met

ELL students come from very different backgrounds.

Treating everybody the same can be good as long as it does not interfere with their race, religion or other customs.

The teacher must understand that some behaviors that are proper here might not be in their countries and the other way around.

Assessing ELL students should not be done as you do with high profeciency in english individuals.

In oreder to proper do it you must use several different types of test.

The fact is that they can not be treated like the borned english speakig students. 

The students from foreign countries should not be treated as children.

Just because they can't speak fluentcy does not mean they do not understand the meaning of what is been said in class.

incorporating their participation by asking specific questions on the matter will help them incorporate in the class.

Students from other countries face a different challenge in class, this could be lack of confidence and things like being homesick.

The fact is that there must have a special atention in class.

Making the class enjoyable, with humor and good consideration, will create a better environment for the student to feel better with the class, the teacher and themselfs.    

English learners as a second language will probably be able to speak first than to be able to read or write proficiently in English.

Therefore, teachers must understand this and adapt their classes to this handicap presented by these students.

As the need to be able to learn English well in a world where this is the absolute international language, students from all over the world will be more frecuent in our classrooms.

Computer literacy is something of upmost importance today.

It is not possible to do what is needed in handling today's needed information without computer literacy.


Knowledge is power (Francis Bacon)

With this thougt in mind, learning is a never ending process.

We must understand that continous education is something we have to practice and encourage our students to do soo.

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