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Supervise and setting clear guides is an important part of a sucessful internship program.


It is important to assess and evaluate the student learner's performance while at the external site of internship. We are ultimately responsible and accountable for the student's academic and clinical experience. We must ensure the standards are met and students are practicing as outlined in the course expectations. 

During the internship, supervisors should offer support and guidance to the student.There should be an open environment for feedback, communication, and questions.

Supervising students in the clinical setting is relative to their success in their roles. With adequate feedback and direction, the student can shape into their newly attained roles comfortably.

Supervision is important in internships.

The intern supervisor has many roles, including supporting, mentoring, leading, and evaluating the intern during their time in the workplace. 

A student performing an internship needs supervision from both the school and the business,  this needs to be provided so the student doesn't feel lost or like he/she has just been tossed to the wolves (so to speak).  An internship can speak volumes about the company, both good and bad, as well as the educational institution.  Providing support to the student not only shows concern and care about the student both professionally and personally but also shows belief in the student.

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