Dr. Pamela Wooldridge

Dr. Pamela Wooldridge

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Critical thinking is difficult to teach

Career badges are like initials behind a person’s name

I provide rea time resources they can use anywhere. Technology is amazing

Listening is such an important skill 

Students want and need hands on learning as well as didatics

The number of posts is not enough. The content of the post must be evaluated. 


I learned about microblogging. I thought of multiple ways to help my younger students stay focused. They ofthen get so fidegity in the traditional classroom. 


I learned that there are multiple optios available to extend the classroom. It is important to follow the guidleines to avoid trouble later on. 


You Tube is an awesome soure. I learned the website for rubrics for Social Medica and I will be researching it for ideas. 


 The multiple technologies available for recording and flipping the classroom are designed to make it interesting and convenient. The student love having the opportunity to listen to the lectures over and over. I plan to develop more activities for class times. 


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